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Metabolism and Midlife

As people age, their metabolism slows and muscle breaks down. Sounds depressing, doesn’t it?! But just because you have hit another decade doesn’t meant that you can’t get in shape or stay in shape. It just means that you have to be smarter about it. Gone are the days when activity can be relegated to […]

October Challenge

Roman Chair. Place your back against a wall, with your feet shoulder width apart and about 2 feet away from the wall.  Slowly bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor.  You should look like you are sitting in a chair.  Make sure your knees are at a 90 degree angle to […]

September Challenge

Crunches: Here’s another exercise that most people do wrong. The point of a crunch is NOT to use the hips as a pivot and bounce up and down. Most people do this, especially on a stability ball, which simply shows that your butt/hips can bend. Great. But that’s not ab work. Lie down on your […]

August Challenge

The challenge for August is Tricep Dips. We all know about the arm waddle, and we all want nice tight arms. This exercise will help. Find a hard surface like a set of stairs or two sturdy chairs. Sit on the floor with your hands on the bottom stair and your back to the edge […]

June Challenge

Wow, life has gotten crazy and it’s a couple days into June and I didn’t put up the June Challenge! So sorry…but let’s get going!! The challenge this month is Calf Raises. This exercise is great for improving balance as well as strengthening the muscles in your ankle, arch of your foot, and the back […]

May Challenge

So are we ready for a challenge?  I am actually going to issue two challenges for this month and let you choose which one you will commit to finishing. The first is for the “Are you kidding me?  I don’t exercise!” crowd.  I want you to read the instructions for doing a proper squat and […]