How to do a squat safely

Squats are funny exercises – they’re really good to do if you’re doing them right, but if you’re doing them wrong you can hurt yourself. Unfortunately, most people are doing them wrong.

The two keys are the angle of the hips to the knees and the knees to the feet.

Remember: chest up!

If you’re a female, think about how you use a gas station toilet. If you’re a male, think about mooning someone. (Really — if I tell my female clients about the gas station toilet they immediately fix their butt/hips. If I tell a male to moon someone they get it right instantly. Weirdness!!)

Start with the chair and work on standing up from the chair and slowly lowering yourself back down. Keep using the chair until you can do 20 squats starting at the seated position and then hovering in proper position over the chair.

Try watching this and see if it helps you understand what I’m talking about.

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