Installing a Hardwood Floor Part 2

I last updated this blog after we had finished the first bedroom. I do love small bedrooms for the wonderful way that the work gets done quickly! The next stretch of this project was not so fast. First we needed to move furniture out of the way and remove carpet in the main room of the house.

This is a dusty job. We used a carpet knife to slice through the carpet and padding and then we rolled it into 3 foot wide strips. Duct tape is a handy way to keep it rolled and tight.

My dog is interested in the underlayment!

My dog is interested in the underlayment!

Once we swept the subfloor, it was time to place the underlayment. You can see how our dog was very confused by the new underlayment. We chose to buy the premium underlayment because of the way it muffles the sound. Rolling out the underlayment was nice and easy. Then we tacked it down with a hammer stapler.

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