“Lose 10 pounds in 10 days or your money back” and other claims

“Lose 10 pounds and still eat cake.” “You’ll do no work but you’ll get a new body.”

The real question is “WHY are we tempted by those claims that assure us that with no work we can lose amazing amounts of weight in no time?”

The answer is that we didn’t work to gain the weight, and we feel a bit put out that we have to make changes to take weight off.

Obviously, losing 10 pounds in 10 days is not healthy. A weight loss of 1-2 pounds a week has been proven to be more sustainable than a quick loss, which is often followed by a steady gain. And we do not live in a society that handles delayed gratification well. We want things NOW, including our weight loss.

So what should a person do? Realize that your weight did not go on in a day and it will not come off in a day. Realize that you will be needing to make changes and that they may be difficult. Realize that muscle weighs more than fat, and so focusing only on the number revealed by the scale is not the only point. Take measurements. Figure out your body fat percentage and work on lowering that. And realize that your self worth is not measured by a number on your scale or by the size of clothes you wear.

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