Removing the ceramic tile

While the bed rooms, living room and dining room were carpeted, the hallway and closets had ceramic tile.  This tile was not terribly nice, and the orange tint added to the grout didn’t win any awards. (Really?!  What were they thinking??) I was not sorry to see the tile go.  But to add to the fun and games, the tile had been placed in an offset pattern.  This meant that each tile had to be individually cut along the mortar lines.


I was really excited to play with my new power tool; a Rockwell Versacut mini circular saw.  This awesome mini saw is pictured above.  It was small enough to fit into the closet and let me cut through the mortar and cement boardb easily.  I really liked the way that the handle was small enough that my hand could fit, but yet my husband had no problem using it as well.  The lighter weight was also really nice, particularly since I was often extending my arm and reaching out to finish cutting a row. The attachment that let us hook up the shop vac to the saw really took care of the dust. But the saw and the vacuum were very loud.


Once I cut through each of the grout lines I used a crowbar to pull up the tile.


Then we swept the subfloor, put down the underlayment, and then installed the flooring.  The closets were the hardest part since each piece had to be measured and installed carefully, instead of using long lengths.  Once we were finished with the closets the rest of the hallway went quickly.


Removing that ceramic tile was time consuming, but it was easier with the Rockwell Versacut mini circular saw.  Once I saw the finished hallway, the work was worth it.


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