Why did I homeschool?

So why did I homeschool my sons?  It certainly wasn’t a decision born of deep conviction or of a need to “protect” my children.  It felt as if it was a response to a system that was out of control.

I went to that first kindergarten screening with excitement.  My son was 4 and a half and even though it was a cold January afternoon I could already picture him walking off to school in September.   And then we got to the screening.

I knew my son was bright.  He was reading fluently and was asking deep questions.  But I read at three.  This was normal for my family.  The schools would know what to do with him, right?

But during the screening I realized that the world had changed.  His answer to can he count to 20 was “in what language?”  He got tired of the basic questions and answered the next question in the queue by reading the question upside down.   The screener went to get the principal.  A few more questions…his favorite book, what did he know about math, science, or history….and I was ushered out into the hall.

“We have to take your son if you enroll him, but we strongly encourage you to find a different school for him.”

That led to me interviewing the schools in our area.  I began to hear things like “Well, the other kids will catch up in a few years” or “He can be the teacher’s little helper.” What?  Why would I pay you so that my son can help you teach?!

Finally, his nursery school co-op teacher (a wonderful woman!) asked if I had thought about homeschooling.  I researched it.  I realized that if he was already ahead then I couldn’t goof up kindergarten.  And off we started on our journey.

His brother followed a few years later.  I begged the brand new local magnet school to take that child.  He also was reading and multiplying and dividing.  But his birthday was 11 days past the cut-off, and they wouldn’t budge.

Homeschooling allowed us to follow their interests, to go at their own pace, and to adapt to their schedule.  It wasn’t a problem to let them sleep until 8 since they had been at gymnastics practice until 9pm the night before.  There was time to travel when others were following a conventional schedule.

Homeschooling worked for our family, but it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  More about that another time.

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  1. DanaOctober 13, 2013 at 10:21 pm #

    On the other end of this spectrum, my 6 year old is not reading. He is very mechanically and mathematically clever, and extremely social and community minded. I am very thankful for the opportunity to homeschool him, I’m afraid the spark of discovery and excitement might have been ruined if he had to struggle in a school each day, being the “not smart kid.”

    • Julia RobinsonOctober 14, 2013 at 1:39 am #

      I wouldn’t say that this is the other end of the spectrum, I would say that 6 year old boys are all over the map as far as ability and desire to sit and focus on reading. And yes, that is one blessing that homeschooling can give – you can continue to work with him and he doesn’t think he’s dumb. You are helping him maximize his strengths and work on his weaknesses.

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