Yelapa Day Trip from Puerto Vallarta

We decided to take a day trip from Puerto Vallarta to Yelapa, across the Bay of Banderas. This little village is only accessible by boat. We went with the Vallarta Adventures company.

We arrived at the main marina at 7 am, and got on the large catamaran. We made good time as we crossed the Bay. ¬†We were able to see dolphins and far off in the distance we saw a whale’s fluke. Sea turtles are also seen in the Bay. Around 10:30 we arrived at a cove where we were able to go snorkeling or sea kayaking.

A lunch was served; fajitas and fresh fruit. There were sodas and water and margaritas and pina coladas and the ever present cerveza!

We then arrived at the village. Some people decided to remain on the white sand beach while the rest of us hiked up thru the village to the waterfall. Time at the waterfall was restful and beautiful.


We then hiked back down from the mountains to the beautiful beach.

We enjoyed the sun, the sand, and the water for a few hours until it was time to get on the catamaran and head back to Puerto Vallarta. We were given more fruit and drinks and were entertained by the tour guides as we relaxed after our fun day.

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